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How Smith Can Help You During the MLCC Shortage

Since our founding in 1984, Smith has supported our customers during numerous shortage situations. The current MLCC shortage is no different. With MLCC demand vastly outweighing supply into the foreseeable future, manufacturers are not able to keep up and – in some cases – have stopped accepting new orders. Smith is prepared to support customers’ MLCC requirements and has taken an aggressive inventory position.

Smith is a leading distributor of electronic components and provider of custom supply chain solutions with 16 offices worldwide. Our sales representatives communicate globally in 50 different languages and dialects and support customers across all industries, including consumer electronics, automotive, medical, aerospace/defense, and IoT.

By working with a dedicated sales representative and a team of expert global commodity managers, our customers receive the support they need to navigate through this MLCC shortage. Before we procure MLCCs, suppliers go through an application process, audit, and approval screening. Once suppliers are verified, MLCCs are sourced, and another layer of quality assurance begins. Through our stringent document verification, visual inspection, and testing procedures, Smith confirms that only authentic MLCCs are delivered to our customers’ facilities.

“To keep their supply chains active, customers rely on us to find the right MLCCs and distribute them in a quick manner,” said Todd Snow, Smith’s Vice President of Global Project Development. “Smith’s internal trading platform is a key resource that is kept up-to-date with market intelligence information, including MLCC price trends and availability.”

Sales representatives are able to utilize this global network of information to update customers with current MLCC market activity. During shortage situations, information and the knowledge to act on it are vital. Smith is able to use its global IT infrastructure and offer real-time inventory visibility.

As a trusted supply chain partner for over 30 years, Smith upholds only the highest quality standards. This guarantee starts with Smith’s supplier management system and flows down to our operational processes. Our global hubs in Houston, Hong Kong, and Amsterdam are certified to ISO 9001. Additionally, Smith’s labs in Houston and Hong Kong are certified to ISO/IEC 17025, which validates our component testing and sampling capabilities.

“Our supplier management system is at the core of ensuring quality,” continued Snow. “Coupled with market intelligence and industry-leading supply chain certifications, Smith is an expert resource during this lasting MLCC shortage.”

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